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Wavegem® is a mid-size marine platform that produces its own energy from the swell and the sun

January 04, 2019

Application resulting from our IHES research program, the Wavegem® medium power autonomous platform generates its electricity from the innovative wave technology developed by Geps Techno as the main source and photovoltaic solar panels as an additional source.


Mise à l'eau IHES Bassin de Penhoet St Nazaire 06/12/2018
Mise à l’eau IHES Bassin de Penhoet St Nazaire 06/12/2018
Characteristics :
  • Guaranteed energy autonomy
  • High power: up to 1 MW
  • Responding to QHSE standards in force
  • Able to produce during periods of very strong swells
  • Reliable with little maintenance
  • Easy deployment for all depths and all types of soil
  • Deployment site and application function design